Cool Learning Videos

Cool Learning Videos

Better than elearning modules

Most people these days learn through video. Whether to replace a tyre or make a tasty lasagne, a quick YouTube video is all it takes to get what you need to know. Many of us also spend hours on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook browsing videos for entertainment.

We create cool learning videos, and because they're fantastic, people want to watch them. We encourage you to replace your idea for a learning module with a quick thought-provoking video and perhaps add a quiz at the end to assess the learning. We can help with all of that at a cost that won't break your budget.

Scroll down to see some of the types of learning videos we create.

Watch an example

Below is a video we created that shows what we do. Every video is different and designed to meet your learning needs.

Types of videos

We have various learning video types that suit all needs and budgets. Cool videos are usually short and impactful, so our motto of less is more. Below are some of the types of learning videos we produce.

Documentary Learning Video


Explainer video in documentary style. We interview people and mix it with some action shots, kinetic text, voice overs and music.

Humour Learning Video


Using puppets and other props to create engaging learning videos. Includes professional voices and props.

Kinetic Text Video

Kinetic Text

Using professional New Zealand voice over, organisational branding and colours embedded into kinetic text to create an explaner video.

Systems Learning Video

Systems Learning

System learning videos are one of the best ways to show learners how systems work. These videos are easy to maintain and could also be made interactive.

Simple animation video

Simple Animation

A cost effective way to create an animated learning video using professional New Zealand voice with organisational branding and colours.

Video Scribe

Video Scribe

Using video scribe with added New Zealand voices, organisational branding and colours.

Converting a webinar

Learning from a webinar

Turn your recorded meeting or webinar into a learning video. We edit, cut, shorten and improve the recorded session into an impactful learning video.

Presentation Video


Turn your presentation into a learning video. We edit, cut, create a video from your PowerPoint presentation.

Feedback from Learners

"I came back from leave with a list of learning to complete. I was not looking forward to it until I saw the list of short fabulous learning videos. May I add that this is my favourite learning to date!!! I watched each video clip more than once with glee and Robin's at least thrice. Loved it all." Sonia Hoskins - Service Advisor
"It's always a struggle for us to get our IT team to complete compliance eLearning. Since we've changed to short videos, our completion rate has increased substantially. Aggreg8 makes these videos catchy, so our IT team enjoys watching them. Definitely better than having to click through text and images." Jonathan Reece - Help Desk People Leader
"I found the Aggreg8 Learning videos to be very informative and easy to understand. The presenter's explanations were clear and concise, and the visual aids helped to reinforce the key points. The video's pacing was also just right, allowing me to absorb the material at my own speed. Overall, I would highly recommend this video to others looking to learn about this topic." Belinda Taylor - Receptionist
"I was extremely impressed with the quality of the Aggreg8's learning videos. It is very engaging, and their teaching style made the material easy to understand. The use of real-life examples and visuals helped to bring the content to life, and I found myself fully engaged throughout the entire video." Phillipa Scott - Learning Consultant

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